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Posted By Trendy on 10/27/19

My parents taught me to stay away from things like rock and roll, marijuana, and gay porn. Sorry, Mom and Dad, but I think I’m rebelling a little bit. And by rebelling I mean I listen to Metallica while getting stoned after I’m done sucking my boyfriend’s cock. I don’t have the heart to break it to them. Maybe this Sunday I’ll take them out to Olive Garden after church and tell them then. They seem to take bad news better when carbs are involved.

When I’m not sucking my boyfriend’s cock I’m watching those dreamboats over on Gay Room. This is by far my favorite gay porn network. It has sites like Bath House Bait, Thick And Big, Massage Bait, Men POV, Shower Bait, Gay Castings, Damn That’s Big, Office Cock, Out Him, Boys Destroyed, Man Royale, and Gay Violations. Basically, when you sign up for this porn deal you’ll be making my parents cry. Go ahead. It might be good for them.

Grab this Gay Room discount for 84% off now.


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Posted By Admin on 10/08/19

It takes all types to make up a satisfactory selection of porn. Admittedly, I used to only be interested in visiting porn sites with men who were exceptional specimens. That was when I was younger and still pretty fit myself. As I have gotten older, I realize that pretty and hunky aren’t always my priority. I am attracted to all kinds of things and my insistence on only watching pretty porn was not only causing me to miss out but also making me more self-conscious about my own looks and more easily disappointed in partners.

These days, I balance my porn viewing with male sex cams to bring me back down to Earth. I really enjoy flirting with real men and watching real gay couples fucking in front of me. The fact that it is all live and I am interacting with these men as they have these very physical moments with each other, adds a level of excitement that you just can’t find with the studio stuff.

It’s even better when I find couples who allow viewers to cam2cam with them. It’s a really great experience.

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Posted By Karlie on 10/08/19

When I’m watching porn, I want to see manly men engaged in a wide variety of hardcore sex acts and that’s exactly what you get here. Right now you can even take advantage of this 75% off discount to Titan Men and have a massive library of breathtaking content at your fingertips. This is a site that’s sure to get your heart racing, palms sweating, and pitching a tent in your pants from the very first glance.

The men on the roster here are butch, hairy, muscular, and hung like horses. This is award winning content and it’s easy to see why. Members get to enjoy a library of more than 3,000+ videos, Membership has its perks and with this one you’ll get access to Joe Gage Men and Titan Rough as well as roughly 80 full DVDs from other studios. 

The action you’ll find here is intense and covers a wide variety including blowjobs, handjobs, cumshots, threesomes, and even some BDSM. All of the content is delivered in spectacular quality so you don’t have to worry about missing a single delicious detail.


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Posted By Admin on 10/01/19

While it might be a little off-topic to our usual gay conversation, I also couldn’t help but to find myself nice and relaxed as I tried my best to Watch Squirting Porn At Pornkai.com. Don’t get me wrong, I did find some of it to be interesting at the very least, but alas I also couldn’t really find myself getting turned on at the sight of a woman squirting for the camera.

I guess it just depends on if you get caught up in the moment or you lose it and find yourself looking for more. That’s how it felt to me at least, but you might want to take a look for yourself as It might just be the pussy squirting action that you’ve been looking for. There are times when you have to take a chance on something and this might just be it. I couldn’t find myself putting up a pussy photo so please enjoy that hot gay ass!

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Posted By Trendy on 08/31/19

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough man meat. I just want to gobble up every morsel I can get my lips around. When it comes to porn I feel the same way. One good cock or even one great site just isn’t ever going to satisfy my cravings. I need more! And that’s why I’m so glad deals like this one to Men.com exist.

Hurry and grab this Men.com discount for 50% off now.

When you click our discount link you’ll be transported to a magical manly wonderland comprised of 8 separate sites for one great rate. That includes Big Dicks at School, Straight to Gay, Drill My Hole, Jizz Orgy, The Gay Office, Men of UK, Top to Bottom, and Gods Of Men. I hope you like dreamboats because you’ll be getting a fuck-ton of twinks, hunks, studs, jocks, boys-next-door, and even inked and tatted guys.

If you want the best hardcore gay porn on the internet, you’d be an idiot to pass on this amazing deal. Grab it by the balls and don’t let go!

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Posted By Admin on 07/31/19

It’s Harry Potter’s birthday y’all! For the life of me, I cannot understand why, as a grown adult, I am supposed to give any amount of a shit about that. Yet a handful of my very good friends are going to some big birthday bash in celebration of it tonight. They invited me, but said I’d have to go in costume. I declined.

Look, I loved The Goonies and The Lost Boys when I was younger. I’d totally turn up for a party for one of those. I’d do it once and laugh about it. But this Harry Potter stuff happens yearly and is overkill.

I’d much rather watch a bunch of fully grown men with big dicks and nice abs pumping cocks into each other, than reminisce about geeky little kids and magic wands. I am at an age where I want XXX, not PG13.

This big 51% off discount to Cocky Boys is going to end up costing a lot less while satisfying me a lot more, than some Hogwarts party. Given the choice between Quidditch or cock, I’ll choose cock every time.

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Posted By Karlie on 07/05/19

For all the fresh and youthfully delicious amateurs your cock can handle, Sean Cody has the all American brand, hot models sure to fulfill your deepest desires and any fantasy imaginable. As one of the industry’s best producer of amateur gay porn, largely from his 15 years worth of experience in producing, you can expect to find only the very best of the genre. 

You will be in awe of the more than 1,120 luscious, sex exuding models on Sean Cody’s site. These irresistible guys will keep your cock bulging and your heart pounding as the camera catches them in the midsts of explicit and relentless pounding, or sensuous thrusting in welcoming and beautiful asses. And these hotties are all exclusive to this site only!

The film quality is superb and ingenious. And with multiple weekly updates, you will enjoy an ever-growing collection of exceptionally captured scenes of these models, from all angles in the most alluring of ways, lighting perfect, skilfully creating a piece of intensely erotic artwork for all of our’s sexual enjoyment. You can get 68% off Sean Cody with our discount link by joining now.

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Posted By Admin on 06/25/19

A couple years ago, I ended my cable subscription and started watching everything through the internet. I have a Smart TV, so I can get pretty much whatever I want on it. Netflix and Prime are my go-to for most things. Except for porn of course. As much as I wish those subscriptions included XXX entertainment, I have had to accept that they don’t.

Finding NakedSword.com has been great for me. It’s often referred to as the Netflix of Gay Porn. Content from more than 200 top studios is waiting inside. There is a search bar for finding what you want, or you can browse by studio, star, themes, and so on. Like Netflix, Naked Sword also produces some original content. 8 updates are added every day, so there is always something new to look forward to as well.

There are tons of gay sites out there and lots of networks, but Naked Sword is in a league of it’s own. Here is an instant 41% discount to Naked Sword to get you started.

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Posted By Karlie on 06/04/19

There aren’t very many memberships that give you everything you could ever need. Typically, I end up with multiple just so I can have all the bases covered. Especially when it comes to gay porn. When I discovered I could use our Falcon Studios discount for up to 73% off, I signed up right away. After only a few moments, I knew I was going to be able to cancel all the others and just keep this one.

I’ve never had a membership that covered a wider variety of categories and niches. Threesomes, group sex, outdoors, cum swallowing, 69, blowjob, and face fucking are just a few of the items on the menu here. The men are absolutely stunning and sure to have your cock throbbing in no time. There’s a nice mix of muscular hunks and slender twinks. The action is hardcore, but there’s enough variance to satisfy your mood no matter what you’re wanting. The scenes are scripted so you’ll be able to lose yourself in the fantasy and escape the reality of your lonely life for a while.

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Posted By Admin on 05/03/19

The way my sex life plays out in reality is very different from how it is built up in my mind. I have recorded a few of my sexual encounters over the years and am always a little disappointed after watching them. The adrenaline I feel is a lot different rom the energy I actually see. Plus it doesn’t help that in my clothes I look buff, but without them, the truth is revealed and it ain’t as pretty.

Sites like Bromo show sex the way I fantasize about it. The guys in the videos look how I want to look and fuck like I want to fuck. Here is a 67% off Bromo discount link so that you can see what I mean.

The guys in that site are all virile studs who know how to drive their dicks in like jack hammers. Some can also be very passionate yet endearingly sweet in their scenes.

My favorite flicks in the site are the ones dealing with fetish. I wish I could be that appealing myself, bent over with a blindfold on, and being paddled.

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