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Hooking up with random guys found online is risky. All kinds of unwanted things have the potential to happen. For some people, it’s totally worth risking everything for the rush of fucking a stranger. Actually, there are tons of people willing to gamble like that. You might even be one of them. I’m not. The possibility of getting an STD terrifies me, but I enjoy the thrill of watching the strangers fucking. I like the fantasy even if I’m not ballsy enough to bring it into my reality.

The guys over on aren’t scared away. They freely admit that they are sex addicts. Fucking and being fucked by dudes they have just met is the sort of thing they live for. They are completely unapologetic about it.

They are so caught up in their seedy lifestyle, that they all quit their jobs. Now they support themselves through filthy amateur gay porn. They film themselves fucking and post it on their website. You pay to join. Then they take that money to cover their expenses as they seek out more cock.

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